Prof. Dr. Hartwig Spitzer

Universität Hamburg
Institut für Experimentalphysik
Luruper Chausee 149
D-22761 Hamburg, FR. Germany
Tel. +49 40 8998 2313 / 3340
Fax +49 40 8998 3282

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Brief Curriculum Vitae:

1938 : Born in Essen, Germany
1957-67 :  Study of physics at Universities of Heidelberg, München, Erlangen, Hamburg 
1967 : Doctorate in physics, University of Hamburg
1970-71 : Visiting scientist at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford, USA
since 1972 : Professor of physics at the University of Hamburg

Professional experience:

since 1964 : Participation in major bubble chamber, streamer chamber and storage ring experiments at the DESY-Laboratory in Hamburg and at the Stanford Linear Accelerator. Research on elementary particle physics and instrumentation, including questions of pattern recognition and multidimensional computer aided data analysis. At present member of the H1-Experiment at HERA.
1971 :  First contact with arms control questions in Stanford (Prof. W.K.H. Panofsky).
since 1983 : Engaged in arms control and disarmament studies at the University of Hamburg.
since 1988 :  Cofounder and spokesman of the Center for Science and International Security, University of Hamburg. Coorganizer of international workshops on the verification of arms control treaties and of three major international congresses on disarmament questions.
1989-90 :  Expert consultant in the study group "Observation Satellites for Europe", Research Institute of the German Society for Foreign Policy, Bonn.
since 1990 :  Head of the CENSIS project on "Physical principles in remote sensing and applications for arms control verification and environmental monitoring".Research on image analysis of multispectral aerial and satellite imagery.
since 1991 :  Conceptional work on questions of sustainable development including resource and energy efficiency issues.

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