Links from CENSIS:

CENSIS belongs to the University of Hamburg

The CENSIS Multispectral People belong to the Institut für Experimentalphysik
and are collaborating with and actually located at KOGS
(Arbeitsbereich Kognitive Systeme)

CENSIS is associated with FONAS
(Forschungsverbund Naturwissenschaft, Abrüstung und internationale Sicherheit)

IANUS, Darmstadt

Visit the SCHIFF
(Schleswig-Holstein-Institute for Peace Research), IFSH, Hamburg

And have a look at INES
(International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility)

Naturwissenschaftler-Initiative "Verantwortung für den Frieden"

For more Peace & Conflict Activities see:

Peace and Conflict Network

International Relations and Security Network