Frauen Inform

FrauenInform is a moderated e-mail network of women in computer science and mathematics. It was founded in 1993 at Schloss Dagstuhl by the conference on "Frauen in Informatik und Mathematik". The network reaches women in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Hence, most of the contributions are posted in german. The moderator is Leonie Dreschler-Fischer.

C O N T A C T   I N F O R M A T I O N

How to submit your contributions:

  1. Please send any contributions that might interest the network community to


How to subscribe to the network:

  1. To subscribe (or unsubscribe)to the network please send an email-notice to


  1. stating (un)subscribe "email-address" and any additional information you might wish to give,

Prof. Dr. Leonie Dreschler-Fischer