Projects and themes I'm in:

ODAKI: Open Data and Artificial Intelligence (national project):


ARGUS: Cybersecurity for SMEs (national project):


eFoto: Providing Hamburg photographies to the public (national project):

Project description


Transparency Portal for Hamburg (national project):




Configuration Book (major publication):


RACE - Robustness by Autonomous Competence Enhancement of Digital Knowledge (up to 2014, FP7 EU Project):



HWD - Hamburg Digital Knowledge (up to 2014, national project):


Workshop on Configuration at the European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2010), Lisbon, Portugal:

Description and proceedings

CoFriend -- Cognitive & Flexible learning system operating Robust Interpretation of Extended real scenes by multi-sensors Datafusion (up to 2011, FP7 EU Project):

Project description
Project video

eTRIMS -- E-Training for Interpreting Images of Man-Made Scenes (up to 2009, FP6 EU Project)):

Project description

ReDSeeDS -- Requirements-Driven Software-Development System (up to 2009, FP6 EU Project)):

Project description

ConIPF -- Configuration in Industrial Product Families (up to 2006, FP5 EU Project):

The book:
Configuration in Industrial Product Families - The ConIPF Methodology
L. Hotz, K. Wolter, T. Krebs, S. Deelstra, M. Sinnema, J. Nijhuis and J. MacGregor,
IOS-Press, 2006
can be obtained here.

Project description

ConIPF WebSite

COGVIS -- Cognitive Vision (up to 2003, FP5 EU project):

Project description

INDIA -- Intelligent Diagnosis for Industrail Applications (up to 2000, national project):

The book:
INDIA - Intelligente Diagnose in der Anwendung/Intelligent Diagnosis for Industrial Applications
Lothar Hotz, Peter Struss, Thomas Guckenbiehl (Hrsg.)
Shaker Verlag, 2000
can be obtained here.

INDIA Final Report as a zip with six postscript files:

 INDIA Final Report

India Web Informations

Schul Support Service (3S) (national project)

Please visit

Frame-based knowledge representation (Thesis in German)

The Thesis

PROKON -- Knowledge-based Configuration (ended 1995, national project)

Look here

GEOFOX -- Public Transport Scheduler (ended 1993, national project)

Look here for the running result

NetCLOS -- Common Lisp Object System for the Net:

A short paper:


In this paper, we describe an extension of Common Lisp which allows the definition of parallel programs within that functional and object-oriented language. In particular, the extensions are the introducing of active objects, sending synchronous and asynchronous messages between them, automatic and manual distribution of active objects to object spaces, and transparent object managing. With these extensions object-oriented parallel programming on a workstation cluster using different Common Lisp images is possible. These concepts are implemented as an extension of Allegro Common Lisp subsumed by the name NetCLOS.

A longer paper:

  NetCLOS with parallel abstractions

Download NetClos:

·  nclos.tar.gz

You will also need the chaco library:

·  chaco.tar.gz

How to install Netclos: