HowTo get a User-Account

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HowTo get a User-Account - Users

New members of staff

1. Get an account with the RZ (Rechen-Zentrum).
You will need this in order to get a proper mail-address, and in order to use our Windows-PCs, so you might just as well do this now. You can apply for an RZ account at the operating in house D, room D107.
2. Continue as described below...
The remainder is the same for staff and students.

New members of staff and students

3. Fill in a formal application for an account.
You can get the form from Dieter Jessen or Sven Utcke. You need to fill in the form and get it signed by either Prof. Neumann (if you are a member of Staff) or by your supervisor, if you are a student. You can now take the filled in form to Dieter Jessen or Sven Utcke who will create the account for you. Note: you need to be personally present before the account will be enabled!
4. Acquaint yourself with the system.
Even if you have used Unix before, you might find it useful to have a look at our modules system (sorry, currently the description is only available in German) which is used to manage software versions.
You might also want to have a look at the description of our groupware calender Tutos.
And finally, once you have an account, have a look at my first attempt at an FAQ (currently again only in German).

HowTo create a User-Account - System-Administrator

  1. Check the Benutzerantrag (application for an account).
  2. Advice the user about proper passwords:
  3. Run ~utcke/bin/create_user to create a new account. Simply answer all the questions. When asked for a password, allow the user to type in his chosen password, or type Ctrl-D. Twice.
  4. If the user is a new member of staff, send a mail to Reinhard Zierke requesting that the users RZ-mail-account will be mapped to his KOGS-mail-account.
  5. If the user is a new member of staff, add him to /opt/sys/user-admin/lists/kogs-wimi.list. If the user is working for CogVis, add him to either ~utcke/lists/cogvis or ~utcke/lists/cogvis-stud.
  6. Add the user to kogs:/local/kogs1/www/kogs_www/htdocs/staff.php
  7. If the new user is a member of staff, create a Tutos-Account and add him to the kogs and possible the cogvis teams.
  8. If the user wasn't present when his account was first created, you can at any time enable his account by typing (as root)
    yppasswd user-name
    at the prompt.
Additional Information about usermanagement can be found here.
Sven Utcke
last modified: 24-Aug-2006