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Our House

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The Outside in May 2000

These pictures were taken in the early evening. It does look rather peaceful and quite charming, doesn't it? And yes, it's not only the house, but also a stable (the abattoir), another stable for 3 horses, one for a couple of hundred pigeons or so, and a garage for 2 or 3 cars - not that we will ever be able to afford more than at most one car, with a house like this...

The Outside in March 2000

This is what the house looked like in March, when we first saw it. It looked still pretty much the same when we finally bought it, on the 11th of April 2000.

The Inner Values

But of course it is not the outside, but what is inside that really counts - or so my mum told me. And the house does have its share of inner charms too, no doubt about it. In case you wondered: the tiles are from Meissen (honest).

The Problem

Too good to be true? No, unfortunately not. There are quite a few problems, and with a house that big (never mind the stables for now), even the smallest problem tends to cost you big bucks!

The Work

Yes, you probably guessed it: this is a lot of work. The thumbnails here might give you an idea of the work involved.


Here are some more images which do not really fit any of the above categories.

The Past

Finally, here's a picture from the past

An image from the past

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