Sven Utcke's Software-Page

This page contains links to some recent software-projects of mine; one is a flash-card style vocabulary trainer called quizcard, the other one is a pre-, aehm, post-, aehm, infix-processor mm-rst which allows me to use markup similar to the one used in ReStructured Text in a program called mm/lx, a mindmapper for the HPLX-series of DOS-based handhelds, in such a way the usefully formatted HTML-output will be created.

Both programs were originally written for the HPLX, but with Linux in mind --- meaning that from the same source binaries for the HPLX (or any other DOS-based palmtop, or DOS based computer in general, for that) as well as for Unix can be compiled. They are both Alpha-quality, works-for-me type of code --- use them, if you find them useful, but don't complain to me if they blow up right into your face (that said, constructive bug-reports are very welcome!).