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RE: laplink for beginner, pc-3100

Hello Jussi

Have a look at http://leo.2ya.com
There is a story on how to connect young PC-s running young OS-s with the 
good old PC3000 .

The only difficulty is to get started you need some software on your PC3000
The thing you can do is start a fairly old machine up from a dos floppy.
Then try to copy laplink from PC3000 onto that floppy, you have to connect RS232 from PC to RS232 of PC3100, using a laplink cable.
In the setup of PC3100 disable powersaving mode and then try to run laplink
on the PC3100 and press F10 on the PC you have to follow the hints of laplink.
In this way you get the laplink from your PC3100 onto a flop.
And you can run it on a remote PC.
If you are there, you are able to put some decent software onto your PC3100.

Leo Arendsen.

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How can I link my PC-3100 with win2k.

When trying, there will be an error message.