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Mitsubishi MELCARD MF32M1-LCDAT01

I want to use the  Type 1 PCMCIA 2 MB SRAM Card Mitsubishi MF32M1-LCDAT01 (manufactured in approximately 1992) in my DELL Latitude XPi 120 MHz Notebook under Windows 95, but i does not work.
When I insert the PCMCIA Card in the PCMCIA-Slot in my Notebook, the card is true detected as a SRAM memory card and the capacity of 2048 Kb is shown, but I can neither read nor write the card.

The notebook asks me to format the card, but when trying this the message "The options you have taken are not correct" is shown.

The Card themselve is OK, because I can use it without any problem in my Palmtop SHARP PC 3000 (also manufactured in approximately 1993).

I suppose that I do not have the matching driver for this Card. Or is the problem, that W 95 has the FAT 32 system, and the PC-3000 has another system?

I looked also for soloutions in this mailing-list, but did not find the right. May be I am not enough qualified PC-Knowledge.

Who can help me?

Best regards and thanks
Peter Stilling