Welcome at Curslacker Deich 170

Our house in the Winter 02

Welcome at Gabi's and my future home. Yes, we finally bought a house, an old butcher's shop (and abattoir - not for the faint of heart) in Curslack, a little village to the southeast of Hamburg, in an area called the "Vier- und Marschlande" and known for its fertile soil, where flowers and vegetables are grown, as well as it's quaint old-world charm. It is not far away from the river Elbe to the south, where a ferry connects it to Harburg and the "Lüneburger Heide", or from the hilly "Sachsenwald" area, a huge forest, to the north-east. Living where other people go on vacation...

Below, you can find a couple of thumbnailed images, grouped into different themes. Enjoy!

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