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[TUTOS] New Version


I've installed a new version of TUTOS, The Ultimate Team Organization
Software(*).  It seems to be marginally faster (i.e. is still bloddy
slow), and has a few more features (more skins, interfaces to maps and
data from the CIA World Fact Book, and it can differentiate between
_really_ private entries (i.e. such which only you can see) and
entries where only you can see the description, but everyone can see
that you will be unavailable during the duration of the entry.

In case that you haven't tried Tutos yet, go to 


Your Username is your last name, in lowercase, possibly containing
umlauts (however, I will probably change this policy for new entries,
making it the same as the Unix-username).  If you do not know your
password, simply click on 

Lost Password?

and Tutos should mail you a new Password.  As these are
machine-generated Passwords and somewhat hard to remember, you would
probably want to change the password first thing after you log in.
This can be done with the top-left link, ``User Settings''.  You might
also want to check all the other settings (maybe _you_ would like to
see French holidays in your calendar...).

In order to have TUTOS remind you of appointments, you might want to
have a look at


where Janis Sch"onefeldt provides a Java Application which runs under
Solaris, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and even Mac OS 9 and does just that.

Also hav a look at the other features in Tutos, e.g. the address-book
or the bug-tracker...


(*) Obviously the authors ideas what Ultimate means differ somewhat
    from mine, but it's the best Thomas and I could find :-)
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