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[TUTOS] Automatic generation of accounts


if you are staying in the office(*) over the holidays and haven't
tried TUTOS so far, you can now generate your own account and try it

1) go to http://kogs-www.informatik.uni-hamburg.de/tutos/php/
2) enter your _UNIX_ username into the field ``Username''(**) and press
   ``lost password?''(**)
3) Check your mail for a new password.  If you do not receive the
   password within 2 minutes, try again (this is a bug, but you have
   to try at most 2 times)
4) Use the mail-supplied password to log in.  In the top-left corner
   you will find a link ``User Settings''(**) --- change your password
   to something more sensible.  You might also want to have a look at
   ``Holidays''(**) and ``Themes''(**), called skins in other
5) Now look around, maybe change your address, add an appointment or


(*) You can not access TUTOS from outside KOGS.  Contact me for a
    login and password if you need to do so.
(**) The actual text displayed depends on your _browsers_
    Language-settings, so if you set the language to French or German
    (or cs, el, es-mx, es-ni, es-ve, es, nl, fr, pl, pt-br, pt, ru,
    sv, tw, zh) you will see translations of the above... 
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