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In addition to being a computer vision researcher I am also (in fact mostly, now that I am on paternity leave) one of the two system-administrators at KOGS; the other is Dieter Jessen. We've divided duties between us, with me looking after (at the time of writing, August 29th) about 20 Suns (running Solaris 8) and about 15 Linux-PCs (running SuSE 9.0, some of them doubling as dual-boot machines with Windows XP as their second OS), as well as things like consulting work, user-accounts, mail and backup, while Dieter is mainly concerned with the Windows and Mac side of things, hardware maintenance and the purchase of hard- and software, and is also looking after our DIN-A0 poster-plotter.


On this page you will find mostly links to HowTos and FAQs; more HowTos (also from other people) can be found on the general HowTo list.


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